The NOVA School of Science and Technology ( is a Portuguese faculty of the NOVA University of Lisbon located on the Caparica Campus, near Lisbon. The school operates with great autonomy and awards degrees in several engineering and natural sciences specializations. This faculty is divided in several departments, each one responsible for teaching the classes relative to its specific area.

UNIDEMI ( was created in 2003 as an interdisciplinary research centre hosted at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Management at the Nova School of Science and Technology. UNIDEMI has experienced a fast and successful growth in the last 18 years, today having 44 integrated research members, 10 laboratories in a total space of 1920m2, and supporting 2 PhD Programs. UNIDEMI was evaluated by the Portuguese governmental agency for science and technology – Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia – and achieved the EXCELLENT score, the highest score in the scientific domain of mechanical and industrial engineering. UNIDEMI develops scientific research and technology transfer in three areas:

UNIDEMI has been involved in various European and National Research Projects covering themes such as Industry 4.0, Digital Platforms, Big Data, Machine Learning, Blockchain Technologies, Virtual Reality, and Digital Entrepreneurship, amongst other relevant areas. It is also active in organization of large scale Entrepreneurship Programmes at the University Level and at international level with close cooperation of the University Incubator Madan Parque.