Project Results

The digital transformation brings clear benefits for employers, workers and jobseekers alike, in terms of new job opportunities, increased productivity, improvements in working conditions and new ways of organising work and improved quality of services and products

IO1 – consists of 32 Visual Infographics created in relation to the digital, emerging roles across Europe within eight sectors. This sectors are: alternative energy consultancy, 3D printing, food technology, robotics, cyber security, virtual reality design, blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence development.

IO2 – 16 video-based compelling interviews covering the new job opportunities related to the eight fields the project sets to explore. These interviews are accompanied by lesson plans empowering VET career advisors to influence the career choices of young people. The video interviews can be explored on the ODF Web Platform and Mobile App, as well as the ODF Youtube Channel.

IO3 – a digital platform and mobile app showcasing the content created in IO1 and IO2: the visual infographics allowing VET career advisors to access key trends, skill requirements and job profiles and the interviews, accompanied by the mentioned lesson plans.

Download the ODF Mobile App to have instant access to all the engaging materials we prepared along our two-year journey as the ODF consortium!