ODF Project Newsletter no. 4

Recent developments

Since the beginning of the project, the ODF consortium partners have been working on creating visual infographics, creating interview-based videos with lesson plans and developing a digital platform and a mobile app, as means of promoting the acquisition of digital skills amongst Europeans.

The 3rd Transnational Project Meeting

The 3rd transnational meeting took place in the beautiful city of Volos, in Greece, on the 5th and 6th of July 2022, being hosted by Innoved. The consortium met in order to discuss the milestones of the project that were achieved and to plan for future steps. The objectives of the meeting were the following:

All participants were welcomed to the venue of the meeting and collaborated for two days on the predesigned agenda.

The meeting initiated with the marked progress of each partner and the consortium as a whole, sharing insights from the focus groups, about the first project result and planning the work on the final focus group report synthesis with potential improvements. In the next part, the consortium made a summary of the stage of the video production and the translations done by each partner in order to disseminate the created materials on a large scale.

On the second day, ASSIST Software, the project’s technical partner, went through the project platform and agreed on the potential ideas that came as a result of the focus groups. The partners also discussed the dissemination status and the quality monitoring and evaluation, which are very important in making sure the project is going as planned.

The meeting ended with a summary of the decided action plan and next steps.