High-quality career advice featuring the future digital job trends

Raising an understanding about future digital jobs

Increasing the professionalism of provided career advice by VET career advisors to young people in an online format

Influencing educational systems to develop future talent to match the needs of employers and digital economy

Boosting interest and capacity of VET career advisors to promote digital future jobs

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Innovative digital practices that contribute to the initial and continuous professional development of VET career advisors.

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Project Results

IO1 - 32 Visual Infographics

The aim of this output is to create 32 visual infographics in relation to the digital, emerging roles across Europe within eight sectors: space exploration, alternative energy consultancy, 3D printing of organ/body part creation, food technology, robotics, cyber security, virtual reality design and artificial intelligence development.

IO2 - 16 videos interviews with experts & 16 lesson plans

16 video-based interviews will be created, in relation to the new job opportunities related to the eight fields the project sets to explore. These interviews will be accompanied by lesson plans empowering VET career advisors to influence the career choices of young people.

IO3 - 1 digital platform and 1 app

The aim of this output is to create a digital platform and app showcasing the content created in IO1 and IO2: the visual infographics allowing VET career advisors to access key trends, skill requirements and job profiles and the interviews, accompanied by compelling lesson plans.

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